We’ve got news!

Bring Your Own Story is embarking on a new chapter.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been humbled by this community’s growth - transforming from 8 friends having a simple dinner to a vibrant community more than 2,000 strong. And along the way we’ve learned a LOT about hosting meaningful meals, sparking deep connections, and building community.

We’ve also learned that a strict every-other-Friday cadence, limited to only 3 main cities is simply too restrictive. Which is good news! It’s why we’re choosing to empower our members to take the reins, hosting dinners organically, wherever creative and curious minds chose to gather.

So get involved!

As a result, we’re actively looking for the next team of amazing community leads, dinner hosts, and amazing storytellers to step up and help write the next chapter for BYOS. If that sounds like you, send us a note with thoughts how you’d like to get involved, and we’ll make it happen!

Get in touch with our team here! Team@bringyourownstory.com

Our Promise to You

For our part, we’re going to continue making the BYOS magic as accessible as possible:

  1. We’re continuing to take membership applications on a rolling basis, adding new storytellers to our community and new friends to your dinner table.

  2. We’re openly sharing our curated story theme list, a tried and true hosting guide, and all the other tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way right here on our site.

  3. We’re always listening and here for on-going guidance and good conversation! Just drop us a line at team@bringyourownstory.com.

Thank you & Cheers to a new Chapter!