Frequently Asked Questions


What makes a BYOS dinner unique and what should I expect?

The recipe for a BYOS dinner is straight forward. Dinners are held in our hosts' private homes and contact details are sent out 24 hours in advance. When you arrive, you'll meet your host and 6-8 other guests. It's casual; we start with introductions and have drinks (alcoholic or not, whatever your preference).

The storytelling starts over dinner. Your host will introduce the theme, the BYOS values and share their story first with each guest sharing in turn. Between stories, we usually ask questions and explore the thoughts and ideas that have been brought up. Throughout the evening, we invite you to disconnect from technology and listen without judgment. 

What's the deal with having a theme for the dinner? 

Every BYOS dinner has a theme such as Energy, Faith, Loss, Adrenaline, etc. It's our way of providing a starting point to get you thinking about different stories from your own life. That said, a theme can be interpreted in infinitely different ways - literally or figuratively - and there's no "wrong" way to go. Your story is your own.

Do I have to tell a story?

Yes. Every guest (including the host) shares a true, personal story. Part of the magic of BYOS is that each experience is co-created by the unique mix of members, with every person adding their distinct voice and story.

What kind of story should I tell?

We recommend that you prepare for dinner by thinking through a true, personal story related to the theme. There's no need to write anything down. We recommend you go with a story you don't tell often, avoid work topics and base the story around an actual event. Aim to talk for 5-7 minutes.  

I have a food allergy and/or restriction. Can I still attend?

Yes! When you RSVP we'll ask for any food restrictions or preferences and will communicate those onto our host. Meals are prepared with love in host's homes and not professional kitchens, so we can't make explicit guarantees for any given dinner, but we do make every effort to be accommodating!

I want to come, but have to arrive late/leave early. Is that ok?

Given the format of the dinner, and the intimacy of the event, it's really difficult to accommodate late arrivals and early departures. If you know you'll be running late or have to leave midway through the evening we kindly ask that you wait to attend another dinner where you'll be able to stay for the full event. We promise it's worth it!

What can I bring to dinner?

Just your story and an open mind. Your host will provide all the food and drinks.

Cool. Why do we do this?

Storytelling, the oldest art form, is the best medium for connecting meaningfully, understanding new perspectives, and refining our own personal narratives. BYOS gathers people to do just that. Together, we're creating a world with more listening.