Welcome to BYOS - we can't wait to have you join us around the dinner table! Select your city or campus below to see upcoming dinners. Don't see your community below? Drop us a line and let's make it happen.

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Curious about what to expect? BYOS is designed to be entertaining and engaging, informal yet intimate. Your host will set the vibe, providing dinner, drinks and a comfortable environment, but ultimately you and your fellow attendees co-create the magic with the 3 BYOS Principles:

  • Participate. Each attendee shares one personal 5-8 minute story

  • Be Present. Listen actively and save questions for the end. Phones off.

  • Safe Space. Reserve judgement, be open, and respect confidentiality.

Don't see your city or campus listed, but still interested in getting involved? Shoot us a note! We're in the process of expanding and would love to collaborate to reach new communities. Use the form below or email us at team@bringyourownstory.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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