You are a curious person who loves hearing new perspectives and learning about the world through others' eyes. You live a story-worthy life in large part because you are engaged and interested in the world around you. You smile, listen openly, and create meaningful conversations.

Sound like you? Great. You sound awesome. Read on and apply to become a member of BYOS: 

BYOS Membership application

Please set aside 10 minutes for this application.

In general, our community members are young, global citizens (25-40 years old). We currently host bi-weekly dinners in NYC, London, and San Francisco, and are expanding soon! Our favorite applications are those that highlight why you would be a great addition to our community and demonstrate your interest in listening to and connecting with others.

Ultimately, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. So thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about yours!

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If you're not in NYC, SF or London, we'd still love to read your application, and will launch when we reach 50 interesting and interested people. Spread the word!
This could be your career, but equally if not more important, are hobbies, talents, and passions outside of work. What should we know about YOUR story?
In addition to looking for people who are interesting, we look for people who are interested - people who love listening to others' stories and connecting meaningfully. What's a topic or concept you're deeply curious about? Or, tell us about the best story you've HEARD recently.
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When is your birthday?